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June 30, 2006
Net neutrality's deeper agenda

Brian C. Anderson, who wrote about mainstream media bias in South Park Conservatives (2005), and who is Senior Editor of City Journal, weighs in on the net neutrality debate with an aricle that quotes George Gilder, Adam Thierer, James Gattuso, James DeLong and others.

Among Anderson's conclusions:

The deeper agenda at work in the net neutrality debate, insufficiently noticed by most commentators, is the Left's zeal to get a hold of the new media, which have given conservative voices powerful outlets, shattering the liberal monopoly over news and opinion outlets--and regulate those outlets out of existence, so we can all go back to the days when the New York Times and other elite liberal institutions set the agenda.

See "Hands Off the Net: Congress wisely resists the urge to regulate cyberspace," City Journal, 28 June 2006.

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